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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Screening at Harvard

From Patti:
A Small Act got invited to participate in the Gleitsman Social Change Film Forum at Harvard by the Center for Public Leadership. Chris and I were to be in attendance, speaking on a panel. It was an event we both almost missed. Chris couldn't leave Geneva because of the volcanic ash spewing throughout Europe, and I missed the last flight to Boston before the event. After many heart stopping minutes at LAX, I was able to find a way through Chicago.

The screening at Harvard was fantastic! The audience, which was made up of a lot of Harvard students, faculty and guests, really keyed in with Chris and all the references to Harvard in the film. You could feel how engaged everyone was. There was lots of laughter (at the funny parts, of course) and tears in peoples' eyes when they came out of the screening. I have to say I was really moved by watching the screening as well and had to keep dabbing my eyes.

At the panel discussion, they were able to Skype in Chris, so he was able to make it after all. Robb Moss, a filmmaker and professor at Harvard was leading the discussion, and Harvard sociologist David Ager and Sundance senior programmer Caroline Libresco were there alongside me and the TV monitor with Chris. It was a lively discussion and lots of fun for me. They were videotaping, so I'm hoping to be able to post that later along with stills of our panel. Here is a photo of the COUNTDOWN TO ZERO panel that was there, too.
A SMALL ACT poster outside the screening room.
Panel discussion from COUNTDOWN TO ZERO, (which also participated at the forum) with Peter Galison, Diane Weyerman, Lawrence Bender, Valerie Plame Wilson and Graham Allison.


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